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Automotive Law

Pathman Law, LLC is a recognized leader in automobile sales, leasing, and financing law. The Firm assists dealerships with the day-to-day legal issues that arise in today’s highly regulated environment. In that regard, the Firm timely responds to legal issues and client inquiries as they arise; often times while the consumer is still in the dealership showroom. Pathman Law, LLC represents numerous automobile dealerships in all aspects of dealership operations. The Firm specializes in providing advice with respect to Federal and State disclosure requirements concerning retail installment contracts, buyer’s orders, floor plan agreements, franchise rights, market action agreements and credit facilities and dealer agreements.

The Firm’s attorneys not only understand the automobile dealership business but more importantly understand dealership goals and dialect. Simply put, Pathman Law, LLC speaks the language, whether the situation stems from:

  • A spot delivery
  • A failed sale
  • An inability to “hammer” a deal
  • The need to “re-hang” paper
  • “Popping” a vehicle
  • Sub-prime finance problems
  • Disclosure of prior damage
  • Truth-in-Lending
  • Truth-in-Leasing
  • Advertising disclosures
  • Selling a trade-in in advance of credit approval
  • Dealer fee and “packing” issues

The Firm has defended numerous private individual causes of actions, class action lawsuits, as well as small and large government initiated action against its clients.

Automotive Law