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Land Use & Zoning

Our Firm has extensive legal expertise in land use and zoning law. Our attorneys have represented both public and private clients on matters involving:

  • Florida local governmental law
  • Growth management
  • Concurrency management
  • Governmental procurement
  • Real estate and transportation

Additionally, the Firm has represented clients in a vast array of matters ranging from:

Municipal special exceptions, variances re-zonings, and comprehensive land use plan amendments to the approval of large-scale projects, including those designated as Florida Developments of Regional Impact (“DRIs”).

The Firm has obtained numerous approvals for DRIs, modifications to DRIs, vested rights for DRI-size developments, and non-DRI status “binding letters.”

We are experienced in water rights. In a case of first impression in South Florida, we secured the right on behalf of a major real estate developer to construct recreational boat docking facilities for a large-scale condominium project which was one of the first approvals of its kind in the State.

The clients who have successfully utilized the services of our land use and zoning department include property owners, real estate developers, financial institutions and national corporations.

Land Use & Zoning