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Water & Environmental Law

Pathman Law, LLC is widely recognized for its leadership in the field of environmental law in Florida. The Firm draws on its broad land use, real estate and corporate expertise for all matters pertaining to our representation of our clients in environmental matters. We regularly counsel clients on complex regulatory issues, including those under RCRA, CERCLA, the Brownfield Redevelopment Act, the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, OSHA and a variety of state programs. Our attorneys frequently advise clients about the risk of lender liability and the derivative liability of parent corporations, shareholders and successors, helping them to avoid, minimize or eliminate potential exposure to such liability. Pathman Law, LLC understands the regulatory structure that governs the environmental aspects of property ownership and is able to successfully navigate its way through the procedural challenges created by municipal regulation of real property development. Pathman Law, LLC is able to not only negotiate successfully results-oriented solutions on its clients’ behalf on a local level, but on a national level as well.

The Firm successfully represented a major national automobile dealership in a ground-breaking Brownfield Site Rehabilitation Agreement with Miami-Dade County. Brownfield projects typically involve complex, multi-dimensional negotiations with property owners involving real estate and risk allocation issues with government agencies on remediation. The Firm’s clients realize the economic benefit that flows from our advice on methods such as entry into a Brownfield program and for minimizing the liability that is associated with environmental hazards on real property as well as on methods for avoiding or minimizing compliance costs that arise out of the ever-growing maze of regulatory requirements.

When litigation arises in the environmental context, the Firm’s attorneys are able to successfully transition from negotiator to trial lawyers who have substantial experience in State Court litigation and in Federal Court litigation.

Water & Environmental Law